Suzuki Presse


IAA FRANKFURT/MAIN, 01. September 2003


Suzuki European Renaissance

As announced last year, Suzuki Motor Corporation has established a
long-term strategy for the European market under the banner of "SER - Suzuki
European Renaissance". The strategy covers product development and marketing
principles firmly based on the enhanced European infrastructure.

Junior World Rally Championship

In the second year of Suzuki's challenge for the Junior World Rally
Championship (JWRC), we are pleased to announce our successful results: 5th
place in the renowned Monte-Carlo Rally, 2nd and 4th places in Turkey, and the
magnificent three-car hat trick with 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the Acropolis
Rally in Greece - widely acknowledged as the most demanding event in the JWRC.
Following those results, the long-awaited moment finally came in August.

Suzuki won the championship in the Finland Rally!

As part of Suzuki's European strategic activities, we continue to
compete in the JWRC with the Ignis, as a stepping stone for our challenge for one of
the most advanced motor sports in the world in the future. Continued involvement
by Suzuki in this exciting motor sport will further enhance its abilities in
harnessing its Motorcycle and Automobile engineering and design expertise in
order to benefit the future development of new road-going "sporty and fun"

Product Development

Ten Brand New Products by 2008

Suzuki will enrich its product portfolio for the European market by
introducing ten brand new vehicles before the year 2008.

New Ignis

The first model which we launch today is the New Ignis. Being the
"Crossover Mobility", it is everything you demand in a car. The fusion of the best
elements of a passenger car and a SUV, its dynamic exterior styling is
distinctive on the streets and out in the countryside, coupled with its superior
performance from a variety of powerful engine lineups 1.3 1.5 litre petrol and
1.3 DDiS diesel,high ground clearance with optimum visibility and an optional
4x4 system. The luggage compartment has also been extended for more
practicality. All its versatility has been developed with the constant
technical feedback from our participation in the JWRC, especially in its
optimal drive train configuration and body work revision.

Next season, the JWRC machine will be based on the new Ignis, a
prototype is exhibited on the stand.

Concept S2

Another highlight of our stand is the convertible named
"Concept-S2". Based on the Concept-S introduced at last year's Paris Motor
Show, we added the fun of open-air motoring to the dynamic styling with a vividly
responsive 1.6 litre engine + 6 speed MTA (Auto Shift Manual Transmission). This
exhibition displays our firm commitment to provide the European market with
total satisfaction in the small car segment. The Concept-S derivative will
arrive on the European Market in the not too distant future.

Diesel Line up

Suzuki hereby introduces the diesel variants to the Wagon R+, Ignis,
Liana, Jimny, Grand Vitara and XL7 this year, which completes the full diesel
line-ups excluding Alto.

Marketing Principle

In developing its markets, the prime factor for Suzuki is the
development of a close and friendly long-term relationship with its customers.
We are continuing to improve our customer satisfaction levels throughout
Europe, working together with Suzuki Distributors and Dealers.

In the future, Suzuki will continue to introduce sales and
after-sales programs that will be focused on achieving the highest possible
levels of customer satisfaction, strengthening relationships with customers
and their trust in the Suzuki brand.

Suzuki's answer to the customers in Europe has always been and will
continue to be "Value-Packed Products". We are determined to provide products
worthy of customers' investment, packed with our "Sporty Fun" concept.

European-Based Infrastructure

Production Base in Europe

Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary, established in 1992, has
started its expansion plan in order to cope with the production of the Concept S
derivative, aiming at becoming a solid supply base in Europe, capable of
producing 200,000 units a year.

Suzuki's partnership with Santana-Motor S.A., in Spain, continues
with the introduction of diesel variants of the Jimny next year.

Furthermore, Suzuki continues to enhance its collaboration with the
European Automobile Manufacturers and is determined to grow with Suzuki
Families in Europe.

Suzuki International Europe

Suzuki International Europe GmbH (SIE), established in 2002 in
Bensheim, Germany, is the center of the European-based infrastructure, which
implements various policies and plans for Suzuki in Europe, strengthening
Suzuki's overall presence in Europe. This year, SIE has merged the European
Technical Office, formerly located in Brussels, Belgium, as well as the Car and
Motorcycle distributors for the German market. It also introduced a spare parts
central management function for Europe. The Research and Development function
will be established within SIE which will undertake planning and design for new
products designed to meet European trends and requirements.